Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lion News: Nemmers Asks For Data From Winsted

I think we are all smart enough to understand that the only reason they would illegally withhold this free electronic public data is because it incriminates these criminals for the criminals that they truly are!! If they have nothing to hide, turn it over already!! What are they so scared of?? That they might have to admit they were wrong?? That maybe they might have to apologize?? 
Also, if they were being lawful when they broke into my home, why is the recorded audio missing from this time??? If they weren't breaking the law they are so happy to enforce they would be happy that magically missing recorded audio data right in my face!!! 
Guess what guys! I'm not a "C" student like the average small town cop (on a good day)! The stupidity really shows through when these criminals actually think they are smarter than everyone else!! 

YOU CANNOT TRUST ANY ARREST, PROSECUTION, OR CONVICTION IN MCLEOD COUNTY WHEN IT IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF "C" STUDENT CRIMINALS  Would you put your family's life in the hand of a "C" Student?? Do you realize that the average IQ for a police officer is only 2 points above average? Yet, we give these guys weapons and free range to commit all kinds of crimes under the guise of a shiny little badge and our tax money.
 I would imagine a small town cop like Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the Home Invader Heldt"  and his little buddy McLeod County deputy "doo ugh-ugh duh" Rossow must be much lower than average as they just keep on committing all kinds of crimes to cover up the crimes they stupidly commits in the first place.  Heldt and the Mcleod county Sheriff Department have repeatedly and willfully refused to turn over FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA  in the form of the WINSTED POLICE and the MCLEOD COUNTY POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL in an effort to cover up the crime of home invasion they committed at my residence on May 13th, 2014. (McLeod County Court already ruled he illegally entered into my residence-therefore committed home invasion)
Chief Heldt and McLeod County have also willfully refused to turn over the recorded audio data they have of the time they were illegally in my home. Are they so stupid to think that I don't know that they have it? Do they really think that we are all so stupid to not realize that the only reason they would be withholding this information is because it would be incriminating to them??
 If it would be incriminating to me they would be more than happy to shove this information right into my face, wouldn't they??? Of course they would.
I think it is time we stop letting a bunch of "C" students (on their best day) run around on public funds committing crime!! 
It is time to make people aware that you cannot trust any arrest prosecution or conviction in McLeod county or the City of Winsted when a bunch of "C" student criminals are running the system. 
Beware!! You can not trust these criminals. They are a direct threat to our public safety and will do whatever they can do to cover their own asses!!  

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Only Reason Chief Justin Heldt and McLeod County Deputy Rossow Would Withhold the Recorded Data from May 13th, 2014 is Because it is Incriminating! It is Proof They Committed Home Invasion!

Case dismissed after Winsted chief of police Justin "the home invader" Heldt and his little criminal buddy McLeod county deputy Craig "do-ugh-ugh-duh" Rossow commit home invasion!
 These tax paid criminals charged me with a first degree drug charge in an effort to cover up their crime! Substance turns out to be a supplement! The criminals had to send something in to the lab to be tested after they had been busted breaking into my home!!  Of course, the criminals that they are, they tried to lie like criminals do...  These criminals with badges tried to say that they went in and locked the door behind them looking for a possible burglar!! What!!!??  Ok, so if this far fetched story had any truth to it what so ever, all they would have to do is turn over the recorded  audio data they have of the time period they were in my home illegally! If they weren't committing a crime they'd shove that audio right in my face, wouldn't they!?? Yes, they would! 
 If these thugs were telling the truth, they would have nothing to hide, now would they? No they wouldn't. The only reason they would withhold that evidence is because it is incriminating. Criminals are not going to turn over evidence that will incriminate them. Even when it is a crime to withhold it. 
You can't trust any arrest prosecution or conviction in McLeod County because they would rather lie, plant evidence, ruin your life, tell your neighbors that you are drug dealers, and just plain ruin your reputation and smear your name than to ever ever admit that they were wrong!!   All done on tax payers dime!!! WOW! I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY PAID FOR THEM TO DO THIS TO ME! ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO PAY THEM AND ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS TO YOU TOO???

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Does it make you feel safe to know that McLeod County deputy Rossow is still allowed to come to your house and serve civil papers? Mcleod county employs criminals to break into your home and covers it up with your tax money. Lawless McLeod county gives criminals guns and sends them to your home to commit crimes and uses public funds to cover it up. Do you want to pay someone to break into your home? Do you want to pay criminals who you can't trust and have the power to ruin your life and tear families apart? Do you want to pay those same criminals to cover it up? We don't, do we????  You can also see deputy Rossow working as a bailiff at lawless McLeod county courthouse when he's not getting paid to burglarize homes.


Winsted PD to protect and serve??? What do these criminals really do???? TO PUNISH AND ENSLAVE!!! WINSTED POLICE FORCE OF CRIMINALS LED BY CHIEF JUSTIN "THE HOME INVADER" HELDT!!!
Case dismissed. Police found to be guilty of illegal home invasion!!! They are still illegally withholding free electronic public data..... Still.... Criminals with badges.... These guys are a direct threat to public safety. They use public funds to commit crimes. They use even more of our tax money to cover up their crimes. Chief of police Justin "the home invader" Heldt was paid with taxes paid by the residents of Winsted, MN to commit home invasion and was then paid to help cover it up. Maybe its time to start holding these criminals accountable for using public funds to break whatever laws they want to break. Maybe we need a chief of police who isn't corrupt and actually follows the law and shows concern for the citizens and not just for himself. How can you trust any arrest, prosecution, or conviction in McLeod County or coming out of Winsted, MN when criminals are the police and judicial officials? You can't, can you....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the home invader" Heldt!!! "It's never too late to turn your life around"???????

Proven innocent!! Winsted police chief Justin the home invader Heldt and Mcleod County Deputy doo duh Rossow found in a court of law to have been in my home illegally!! All charges that were maliciously brought forth by these two goons after being interrupted committing home invasion have finally been dismissed!! Gee, wonder if these two will be charged for their crime???? In lawless Mcleod county??  very doubtful.  You cant trust these people to actually follow the law and protect the little guy, can you??  Nope!! But you can trust them to use your tax money to cover up their crimes and back each other up though!!! Aren't you glad you pay their salaries to help them commit crimes?? Get these criminals off the street!! Since when do we allow criminals to carry guns in this country??? oh wait.... police carry guns...... hmmmmmm...

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

"Lion News: Schafer & Swantek File Complaint Against Winsted City Attorney Eggert & Chief Heldt?"

who are u to wave your finger? eye balls deep in muddy waters, fucking hypocrites...

Tool - The Pot (Lyrics and Meaning):

This song had to be written with these thugs at McLeod county and the corrupt little town of Winsted in mind. Along with the ones who keep them on the street by letting their badges excuse them from breaking the law and ruining lives. Listen closely and enjoy.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chief of Police, Justin the Home Invader Heldt, Still Armed With his Badge, Gun and Ability to Destroy Lives, Isn't He??

I wonder if McLeod County will do the right thing here????  Justin Heldt should resign from his duties as Chief of Police after he commits home invasion on May 13th, 2014, shouldn't he? He entered into my residence without a warrant or any probable cause, didn't he??   I have suffered severe emotional distress over this and cannot even feel safe in my own home. I already am diagnosed with PTSD caused by a previous rape from my childhood and now have been raped of any right to safety in my own residence. This whole incident has been extremely disturbing to have to go through.
If anyone in Lawless McLeod County were actually there to protect us, they would protect us from people like Justin Heldt, wouldn't they???  Yes, they would.  If it were you or I that was found to be in their home like this, any one of us would be doing time behind bars, wouldn't we? Yes, we would.  People like Police Chief Justin the Home Invader Heldt know better than most what the law is.... THEY GO TO SCHOOL TO STUDY IT! THEY TAKE AN  OATH TO UPHOLD IT!  YET, THEY ARE THE FIRST TO BE EXCUSED FROM THE SAME LAWS THEY SWEAR TO UPHOLD AND TO ENFORCE WHEN THEY BREAK THEM!  And he gets paid with public funds, our tax money to get away with it! This is a complete miscarriage of justice for all.  Then when the evidence exists to prove he broke the law, he is helped by other tax paid officials to help cover it up by not turning over FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA in the form of their own POLICY AND PROCEDURES MANUALS.   We don't want to see this happen to anyone else now do we?????

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

McLeod County Attorney Calls Requests for Evidence in the Form of Free Electronic Public Data "GOBBLEY-GOOK"!

What in the hell is Gobbley-Gook??? Sounds like Mike Junge the county attorney for McLeod County is as ignorant in the English language as he is ignorant to the law!! Attorneys from the law offices of Meshbesher and Associates repeatedly had asked attorney Mike Junge for the Policy and Procedures manuals from both McLeod County and the Winsted Police Department and finally made a complaint to the judge about not receiving them, to which he called the request, "Gobbley-Gook"! Wow! The manuals which are supposed to be available to the public in the form of FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA is currently being withheld in an effort to help cover up a home invasion committed by Winsted Police Chief Justin Heldt and McLeod County Deputy Rossow when they broke into my residence located at 510 2nd St S in Winsted on the day of May 13th, 2014. The Policy and Procedure manuals would clearly show that they broke the law when they did this and it would also likely show that it is required for them to turn on their recorders when they are at a possible crime scene (as they claim they were checking for a possible burglar). Of course this data is misteriasly missing as well.....  They also claim that my door was open so they decided to "check things out" but when I returned home from break (1/2 hour later than usual) I had to unlock my door to gain entrance to my residence.  WHO THE HELL LOCKS THE DOOR BEHIND THEM IF THEY ARE GOING IN AFTER A POSSIBLE BURGLAR? Also, no back up was called and no guns were drawn even though they claim that drew their guns once inside the residence with the door safely locked behind them.... However, there is no mention of guns ever being drawn in their own report... Something they both admitted on the stand that this would be an incident that would always have gotten reported in their incident report. That it is in fact a rare occassion for an officer to actually draw their weapon and of course it would have been reported by them in the incident report they both filed individually.  Well I guess they should have read their report before they took the stand and testified under oath, shouldn't they???? Of course they also say they both loudly called out before they broke into my home without so much as a warrant and they also testified that there was no noise outside that day that would have drowned out their voices yet Jesse, my fiance, who was in the garage 15 feet away couldn't hear a thing.  Stay tuned!!

Herald Journal Fails to Inform Residents of Threat to Public Safety

Well we haven't heard back from Ivan, the editor, at the Winsted Herald Journal. We filmed ouselves yesterday as we dropped off a copy of the formal complaint we filed against Winsted Police Chief Justin Heldt and City Attorney Fran Eggert for withholding evidence that proves little Justin Heldt and his little buddy McLeod County deputy Rossow committed home invasion on May 13th, 2014 when they broke into my residence without any warrant or probable cause. Too bad I so rudely interrupted these criminals and caught them in the act! Well I guess I will have to get the job done myself as you can't count on criminals to ever do an honest days work. Help spread the word everyone and get these crooks off the street and get them to stop using our tax money to commit crime and then use more of tax money to cover up their crimes. Also named in the complaint is McLeod County attorney Mike Junge for refusing to turn over this evidence that is suppose to be free public electronic data. Also named is McLeod County Sheriff Scott Rehmann. If they didn't commit any crime then they would gladly hand over what is suppose to be free public data, wouldn't they??? Well obviously they have something to hide! Time to police the police and expose local corruption. maybe we should be refunded some of our tax dollars if we need to do their jobs for them??????

Monday, February 9, 2015

Lion News Exposes Winsted PD and McLeod County corruption

Please check out Lion News who helped expose McLeod County and Winsted Police for the criminals they truly are. They commit home invasion and then illegally withhold the evidence that proves it. They use public funds to pull it all off! The Herald Journal in Winsted, MN was given a copy of the formal complainot and an opportunity to run with the story but I'm sure they won't do their job in helping to inform the community to this hazard to public safety either.

Mcleod County Sheriff's Office, McLeod County Prosecuter, Mike Junge and Winsted Police Department Help Cover Up Home Invasion

What does everyone think would happen if you as a normal citizen decided to break into another person's home? Would you be surprised that you would be charged with burglary? You do not have to steal anything in order to be given this charge.
All a person has to do is exactly what the Winsted police chief, Justin Heldt along with his little buddy, deputy Rossow did to me. They decided to go discreetly into my home and lock the door behind them as to not be interupted to their crime. However, they were interupted by myself when I returned home from break.  They claim they went in after a possible burglar, however, no guns were drawn and no back-up had been called. Also, they locked the door behind them...
If this had been the other way around, lets say, they unlocked their door to find me in their residence without invite and announcement, I would have been quickly escorted to jail and then off to prison for a mandatory minimum sentence.

I happened to have been hauled off to jail anyway for the interruption of their crime and so they could have time to get some trumped up evidence together.

I can prove they committed home invasion if They would just turn over the FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA that I have been requesting from Winsted PD as well as the McLeod county Sheriff's department but of course they areillegally withholding this from me to illegally cover up their crime of home invasion which they committed when they illegally entered my residence without so much as a warrant or any probable cause. So today I went ahead and filed a formal complaint with the mayer of Winsted at city hall naming winsted city attorney Fran Eggert and Winsted Chief of Police Justin Heldt and also names McLeod County attorney Mike Junge and sheriff Scott Rehmann. I will attach a copy for all to read. Please help spread the awareness of the crimes being committed with our public funds.