Thursday, February 12, 2015

Chief of Police, Justin the Home Invader Heldt, Still Armed With his Badge, Gun and Ability to Destroy Lives, Isn't He??

I wonder if McLeod County will do the right thing here????  Justin Heldt should resign from his duties as Chief of Police after he commits home invasion on May 13th, 2014, shouldn't he? He entered into my residence without a warrant or any probable cause, didn't he??   I have suffered severe emotional distress over this and cannot even feel safe in my own home. I already am diagnosed with PTSD caused by a previous rape from my childhood and now have been raped of any right to safety in my own residence. This whole incident has been extremely disturbing to have to go through.
If anyone in Lawless McLeod County were actually there to protect us, they would protect us from people like Justin Heldt, wouldn't they???  Yes, they would.  If it were you or I that was found to be in their home like this, any one of us would be doing time behind bars, wouldn't we? Yes, we would.  People like Police Chief Justin the Home Invader Heldt know better than most what the law is.... THEY GO TO SCHOOL TO STUDY IT! THEY TAKE AN  OATH TO UPHOLD IT!  YET, THEY ARE THE FIRST TO BE EXCUSED FROM THE SAME LAWS THEY SWEAR TO UPHOLD AND TO ENFORCE WHEN THEY BREAK THEM!  And he gets paid with public funds, our tax money to get away with it! This is a complete miscarriage of justice for all.  Then when the evidence exists to prove he broke the law, he is helped by other tax paid officials to help cover it up by not turning over FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA in the form of their own POLICY AND PROCEDURES MANUALS.   We don't want to see this happen to anyone else now do we?????

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