Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Herald Journal Fails to Inform Residents of Threat to Public Safety

Well we haven't heard back from Ivan, the editor, at the Winsted Herald Journal. We filmed ouselves yesterday as we dropped off a copy of the formal complaint we filed against Winsted Police Chief Justin Heldt and City Attorney Fran Eggert for withholding evidence that proves little Justin Heldt and his little buddy McLeod County deputy Rossow committed home invasion on May 13th, 2014 when they broke into my residence without any warrant or probable cause. Too bad I so rudely interrupted these criminals and caught them in the act! Well I guess I will have to get the job done myself as you can't count on criminals to ever do an honest days work. Help spread the word everyone and get these crooks off the street and get them to stop using our tax money to commit crime and then use more of tax money to cover up their crimes. Also named in the complaint is McLeod County attorney Mike Junge for refusing to turn over this evidence that is suppose to be free public electronic data. Also named is McLeod County Sheriff Scott Rehmann. If they didn't commit any crime then they would gladly hand over what is suppose to be free public data, wouldn't they??? Well obviously they have something to hide! Time to police the police and expose local corruption. maybe we should be refunded some of our tax dollars if we need to do their jobs for them??????

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