Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hey Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the home invader" Heldt!!! "It's never too late to turn your life around"???????

Proven innocent!! Winsted police chief Justin the home invader Heldt and Mcleod County Deputy doo duh Rossow found in a court of law to have been in my home illegally!! All charges that were maliciously brought forth by these two goons after being interrupted committing home invasion have finally been dismissed!! Gee, wonder if these two will be charged for their crime???? In lawless Mcleod county??  very doubtful.  You cant trust these people to actually follow the law and protect the little guy, can you??  Nope!! But you can trust them to use your tax money to cover up their crimes and back each other up though!!! Aren't you glad you pay their salaries to help them commit crimes?? Get these criminals off the street!! Since when do we allow criminals to carry guns in this country??? oh wait.... police carry guns...... hmmmmmm...

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