Tuesday, February 10, 2015

McLeod County Attorney Calls Requests for Evidence in the Form of Free Electronic Public Data "GOBBLEY-GOOK"!

What in the hell is Gobbley-Gook??? Sounds like Mike Junge the county attorney for McLeod County is as ignorant in the English language as he is ignorant to the law!! Attorneys from the law offices of Meshbesher and Associates repeatedly had asked attorney Mike Junge for the Policy and Procedures manuals from both McLeod County and the Winsted Police Department and finally made a complaint to the judge about not receiving them, to which he called the request, "Gobbley-Gook"! Wow! The manuals which are supposed to be available to the public in the form of FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA is currently being withheld in an effort to help cover up a home invasion committed by Winsted Police Chief Justin Heldt and McLeod County Deputy Rossow when they broke into my residence located at 510 2nd St S in Winsted on the day of May 13th, 2014. The Policy and Procedure manuals would clearly show that they broke the law when they did this and it would also likely show that it is required for them to turn on their recorders when they are at a possible crime scene (as they claim they were checking for a possible burglar). Of course this data is misteriasly missing as well.....  They also claim that my door was open so they decided to "check things out" but when I returned home from break (1/2 hour later than usual) I had to unlock my door to gain entrance to my residence.  WHO THE HELL LOCKS THE DOOR BEHIND THEM IF THEY ARE GOING IN AFTER A POSSIBLE BURGLAR? Also, no back up was called and no guns were drawn even though they claim that drew their guns once inside the residence with the door safely locked behind them.... However, there is no mention of guns ever being drawn in their own report... Something they both admitted on the stand that this would be an incident that would always have gotten reported in their incident report. That it is in fact a rare occassion for an officer to actually draw their weapon and of course it would have been reported by them in the incident report they both filed individually.  Well I guess they should have read their report before they took the stand and testified under oath, shouldn't they???? Of course they also say they both loudly called out before they broke into my home without so much as a warrant and they also testified that there was no noise outside that day that would have drowned out their voices yet Jesse, my fiance, who was in the garage 15 feet away couldn't hear a thing.  Stay tuned!!

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