Monday, February 9, 2015

Mcleod County Sheriff's Office, McLeod County Prosecuter, Mike Junge and Winsted Police Department Help Cover Up Home Invasion

What does everyone think would happen if you as a normal citizen decided to break into another person's home? Would you be surprised that you would be charged with burglary? You do not have to steal anything in order to be given this charge.
All a person has to do is exactly what the Winsted police chief, Justin Heldt along with his little buddy, deputy Rossow did to me. They decided to go discreetly into my home and lock the door behind them as to not be interupted to their crime. However, they were interupted by myself when I returned home from break.  They claim they went in after a possible burglar, however, no guns were drawn and no back-up had been called. Also, they locked the door behind them...
If this had been the other way around, lets say, they unlocked their door to find me in their residence without invite and announcement, I would have been quickly escorted to jail and then off to prison for a mandatory minimum sentence.

I happened to have been hauled off to jail anyway for the interruption of their crime and so they could have time to get some trumped up evidence together.

I can prove they committed home invasion if They would just turn over the FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA that I have been requesting from Winsted PD as well as the McLeod county Sheriff's department but of course they areillegally withholding this from me to illegally cover up their crime of home invasion which they committed when they illegally entered my residence without so much as a warrant or any probable cause. So today I went ahead and filed a formal complaint with the mayer of Winsted at city hall naming winsted city attorney Fran Eggert and Winsted Chief of Police Justin Heldt and also names McLeod County attorney Mike Junge and sheriff Scott Rehmann. I will attach a copy for all to read. Please help spread the awareness of the crimes being committed with our public funds.

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