Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Only Reason Chief Justin Heldt and McLeod County Deputy Rossow Would Withhold the Recorded Data from May 13th, 2014 is Because it is Incriminating! It is Proof They Committed Home Invasion!

Case dismissed after Winsted chief of police Justin "the home invader" Heldt and his little criminal buddy McLeod county deputy Craig "do-ugh-ugh-duh" Rossow commit home invasion!
 These tax paid criminals charged me with a first degree drug charge in an effort to cover up their crime! Substance turns out to be a supplement! The criminals had to send something in to the lab to be tested after they had been busted breaking into my home!!  Of course, the criminals that they are, they tried to lie like criminals do...  These criminals with badges tried to say that they went in and locked the door behind them looking for a possible burglar!! What!!!??  Ok, so if this far fetched story had any truth to it what so ever, all they would have to do is turn over the recorded  audio data they have of the time period they were in my home illegally! If they weren't committing a crime they'd shove that audio right in my face, wouldn't they!?? Yes, they would! 
 If these thugs were telling the truth, they would have nothing to hide, now would they? No they wouldn't. The only reason they would withhold that evidence is because it is incriminating. Criminals are not going to turn over evidence that will incriminate them. Even when it is a crime to withhold it. 
You can't trust any arrest prosecution or conviction in McLeod County because they would rather lie, plant evidence, ruin your life, tell your neighbors that you are drug dealers, and just plain ruin your reputation and smear your name than to ever ever admit that they were wrong!!   All done on tax payers dime!!! WOW! I CANT BELIEVE I ACTUALLY PAID FOR THEM TO DO THIS TO ME! ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE TO PAY THEM AND ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS TO YOU TOO???  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebENalY7iP8

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