Wednesday, February 25, 2015

YOU CANNOT TRUST ANY ARREST, PROSECUTION, OR CONVICTION IN MCLEOD COUNTY WHEN IT IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF "C" STUDENT CRIMINALS  Would you put your family's life in the hand of a "C" Student?? Do you realize that the average IQ for a police officer is only 2 points above average? Yet, we give these guys weapons and free range to commit all kinds of crimes under the guise of a shiny little badge and our tax money.
 I would imagine a small town cop like Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the Home Invader Heldt"  and his little buddy McLeod County deputy "doo ugh-ugh duh" Rossow must be much lower than average as they just keep on committing all kinds of crimes to cover up the crimes they stupidly commits in the first place.  Heldt and the Mcleod county Sheriff Department have repeatedly and willfully refused to turn over FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA  in the form of the WINSTED POLICE and the MCLEOD COUNTY POLICY AND PROCEDURE MANUAL in an effort to cover up the crime of home invasion they committed at my residence on May 13th, 2014. (McLeod County Court already ruled he illegally entered into my residence-therefore committed home invasion)
Chief Heldt and McLeod County have also willfully refused to turn over the recorded audio data they have of the time they were illegally in my home. Are they so stupid to think that I don't know that they have it? Do they really think that we are all so stupid to not realize that the only reason they would be withholding this information is because it would be incriminating to them??
 If it would be incriminating to me they would be more than happy to shove this information right into my face, wouldn't they??? Of course they would.
I think it is time we stop letting a bunch of "C" students (on their best day) run around on public funds committing crime!! 
It is time to make people aware that you cannot trust any arrest prosecution or conviction in McLeod county or the City of Winsted when a bunch of "C" student criminals are running the system. 
Beware!! You can not trust these criminals. They are a direct threat to our public safety and will do whatever they can do to cover their own asses!!  

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