Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harassed by Lawless McLeod County after They Rape Me of my Right to Privacy and Burglarize my Home????!!??

Is this guy mentally retarded?
Who does this guy think he is? I file a complaint with Patrick Melvin, the McLeod County Administrator. complaint names this guy, McLeod County Attorney Mike "crooked as they come" Junge along with Sheriff Rehmann. And what does this arrogant prick do?? He goes ahead and takes the complaint from Patrick Melvin and decides to "handle" it himself!! WTF!!!??
UMMMM... well I am pretty sure that is NOT the proper way to handle things...EVER! This guy fancies himself a god!!
Of course he does have his own set of laws he likes to make up as he goes, he doesn't abide by the ones he enforces, and when he himself breaks said laws, its deny, deny deny and if a complaint is filed against him, well, he will answer it himself on behalf of McLeod county I guess.
 When Mike "crooked as they come" Junge has a complaint filed against him, he makes the decision that "on behalf of McLeod County, no further action will be taken". What an ass!  Can anyone say, conflict of interest? Seriously, is he that fucking retarded? Wow. 
This is like being a victim of a burglary, going to court to get justice on the burglar and having the judge hearing the case be the guy who burglarized your house! Oh wait, that is essentially what happened in my case. 
I mean if you were to file a criminal complaint against a rapist, would it be fair for the rapist to send you a letter saying, " haha! On behalf of the state of Minnesota, no legal action will be taken! Haha!!" Ummm.... Probably not so much. If the criminal complaint were allowed to be handled by the perpetrator, noone would ever be held accountable for any wrong doing!! See where I'm going here?!?? Is anyone beginning to see how these guys are so easily able to use our tax money to do whatever they want no matter the cost to us? LIKE A FOX GAURDING THE HEN HOUSE. CROOKS LIKE MIKE JUNGE ARE WHAT MAKE MCLEOD COUNTY A LAWLESS COUNTY. He is a direct threat to our public safety and public funds. His illegal activity and misconduct drive up our taxes and put stress on our families lives and futures. 
Hey, Mr. "crooked as they come" Junge, that letter wasn't even addressed to you. It was about you! But thanks so much for the great advice you included in there about filing a complaint with the Minnesota Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board because that's exactly what I did! Of course if any of them are cut from the same cloth you are, I am sure you should be just fine. However, that is why I will keep educating the public about what a lying, thieving, hypocrite you and your lawless county truly are. Oh, and thanks so much for sending me that wonderful piece of evidence in the form of your signed letter that I happily sent along to the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board, I'm also very happy to post it here for all the world to see what a crooked man you truly are.
Also in your letter you claim that I asked for that information as part of litigation (the policy and procedure manual for mcloed county and city of winsted).... I am aware of this fact and as you are well aware, that FREE PUBLIC ELECTRONIC DATA was illegally withheld from me during my criminal trial.  Remember, you called my request "Gobbely Gook!"  I mean, really? you couldn't even find one statute to attach to your response letter that would justify your reasoning?? Why?? Because there aren't any?? Because the only statutes that exist are ones that prove you are a criminal???  Well, that makes sense.... So thank you again for sending me the signed proof of your wrong doing!
YOU WITHHELD EVIDENCE DURING MY CRIMINAL TRIAL! WHO ELSE HAVE YOU DONE THIS TO? I understand that you are so high on yourself and so very use to people kissing your ass that you've grown to think that you are smarter than everyone else..... that is what makes you so incredibly stupid, man! I AM STILL ASKING FOR MY FREE ELECTRONIC PUBLIC DATA! Just because you pretend to not hear my request, doesn't make it go away! It's not like when you were two years old and put your head under the covers and thought, "gee if I don't see them, then they can't see me!"  Although I can still see you doing this at night when someone tries to get you to take your medicine or pulls you over after an evening of drinking after work. But oh well, little babies do tend to grow into spoiled little bitches. And we all know it's a bunch of spoiled, scared little bitches that run things in Lawless McLeod County....

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