Friday, March 20, 2015

Winsted Police Chief Heldt Thinks and Acts Like He is Above the Law??? Either That or There is an Idiot with a Gun Running Around Winsted???

So..... Chief Justin Heldt of Winsted and his little buddy McLeod County deputy make the claim that it is there policy to treat a home the same as they would a business if the door happens to be open???? Really??? So in essence, that is saying that we can no longer feel safe leaving our doors open or unlocked, not for fear of burglars, but from the police???? 

Are we really suppose to buy this shit?? Do they think anyone would be so stupid to believe that the little town of Winsted would somehow have laws that trump the U.S. constitution??? Don't these guys ever think before they speak??? 

Well, didn't Heldt and Rossow have to attend some sort of school where they learn little tidbits on what the laws are? They were given a copy of their own policy and procedure manuals, weren't they? Wasn't Heldt in the process of becoming Chief of Police in little lawless Winsted at the time he illegally entered my residence? Heldt would most likely be going over his policy and procedure manual at this time to prep for becoming chief, wouldn't he?? 

 Their policy and procedure manual, which they downloaded from lexipol, clearly states the exact opposite, doesn't it?? it sure does.  This is why they so clearly wouldn't turn this evidence over during court proceedings, isn't it??  Isn't that why they are still illegally withholding this free electronic public data from me? Isn't that why they have also withheld this free electronic public data from others?  So we couldn't see them for the lying criminals they truly are????  Well, lets just say that Judge Konkel obviously thought so.... He ruled that they illegally entered my home, illegally broke into my home.... That there was no reasonable person that would have thought it to be lawful to do so.... 

So Winsted chief of police Justin Heldt unreasonable or just really stupid?? Maybe he missed class that day?? Maybe he doesn't read his own policy and procedure manuals?? Maybe he thinks he is above the law???? 
Maybe he shouldn't be trusted with a gun and badge because he can essentially be as reckless as he so chooses and suffers no consequences what so ever????  

What's more scary... A criminal with a gun, or a complete idiot who believes he is above the law? Is there a difference?

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