Thursday, April 9, 2015

Herald Journal Prints Half Truths and One Sided Stories; Fails to Inform the Public of Local Corruption When They Clearly Have Seen the Evidence That Was Matter of Public Record all Along???

Here is clear, precise, and unquestionable evidence that Ivan from the Herald Journal is nothing more than a puppet for Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the home invader" Heldt, McLeod County "Clown Posse" Sheriff Rehmann, McLeod County attorney Mike "as crooked as they come" Junge, and the city of Winsted's administrator, Clay Wilfardt.  

When local corruption is brought to the Herald Journal's attention, the Herald Journal failed to even interview parties for both sides of the story. They didn't even bother to look up public record. Instead, they totally neglected the public's right to be told what is going on in their community. Last time I checked, the public is what pays the Herald Journal! I guess the political whore bucks Ivan gets on the side from the corrupt little town of Winsted and Lawless McLeod County are worth more to him than doing honest, full storied reporting or even his own conscious. Says a lot about a guy.
Thing is, he can't say that he didn't have both sides of the story, because the Herald Journal has continually been on my blog where the information has been there all along, hasn't it?? It sure has...

Which means Ivan at the Herald Journal is nothing more than a puppet whore for whoever pays the highest buck and everyone else be damned. Forget about actual reporting and everyone else's hard earned dollar...  Looks like he might have a career in politics....

That is why you cannot trust any arrest, prosecution, or conviction in Lawless McLeod County nor can you trust the Herald Journal to keep you informed of any truth what-so-ever. They are as crooked as their so-called law enforcement officers.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Lawless McLeod County Sheriff Rehmann and County Attorney Junge Still want to go with the Wild and Outrageous Claims That They "Never Received my Data Requests??"

Well, What's That Now??

More documents that are a matter of public record that verify request for free electronic public data was asked for way back in July of 2014....
Maybe the Herald Journal should have looked into things more closely before printing what are clearly lies spun by the law enfarcement officers in Lawless McLeod County... 

Below you will see clear, precise, and unquestionable evidence, that is a matter of public record, that I have been asking for this free electronic public data for nearly a year now..... This has been illegally withheld from me for nearly a year now... 

I wonder if the law enfarcement officers in McLeod County will still go with their obvious,made up, play dumb story that "they weren't aware of any such requests"?  Good one Sheriff Rehmann!


More to come.....................

Proof That the Chief of Police was on Duty at the Time he was Tased by the Another Officer and Junge who Thinks and Acts Like he is Above the Law is Rigging the Court Case

It is a felony to use a taser (assualt) a police officer!!
 (even if you are a so-called law enforcement officer)

But "special laws" for "special people"... Lawless County Attorney Mike Junge thinks that one of his "special" people should only be charged with a 5th degree misdemeanor assault after one of his so-called "special" people dry tased a uniformed officer in the neck??? 

What do you think you or I would be charged with if we pulled something like that???
Well, I would be willing to bet the charge would include the word felony...

Must be nice to be so "special"...

Just another reason you can't trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in McLeod County!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Sheriff Rehmann And Chief Heldt Make Wild & Outrageous Claims They Never Were Notified Of Swantek's & Schafer's Data Requests When Requests Were A Matter Of The Public Record?

Well, what's this now?? 
Says in this court document that so called law enfarcement was asked for free electronic information quite along time ago and quite a few times... Looks to me that they have been knowingly and illegally withholding it from me since back in July of 2014.....

 Do we still believe Sheriff Rehmann's claim that they have "never received the request"???  Is anyone starting to see what professional liars they are??? That they will do what ever they have to do to make someone guilty, plant evidence, and then illegally withhold evidence to cover up their criminal activity?? 

Why don't you take a little look-see at this court document and pay attention to the dates and all the times free electronic public data was criminally and illegally withheld (withholding evidence) from me in my case.....  Here is the proof, and sheriff Rehmann says on record that they, law enfarcement, at Lawless McLeod county "never received the request???" 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

McLeod County back up to their old tricks of harassment and rigging court cases

Well, Well, Well.... I guess if you are a so called "law enforcement officer" in this county, you can get away with all sorts of criminal activity...... That's why it's called Lawless Mcleod County.....


Lawless McLeod County Attorney Mike Junge Rigging Case For Deputy?

Would you get charged with 5th degree misdemeanor assault if you or I tased a cop?
It is a felony to use a taser on an officer, isn't it? Are cops above the law?

McLeod county attorney Mike "as crooked as they come" Junge is sure giving us another clear indication that he thinks they are, isn't he??

Lawless McLeod County gives a slap on the wrist when its a cop accused of doing the tasing!! Of course, if you all remember, he also thinks it's okay for them to commit home invasions too, doesn't he??