Thursday, April 9, 2015

Herald Journal Prints Half Truths and One Sided Stories; Fails to Inform the Public of Local Corruption When They Clearly Have Seen the Evidence That Was Matter of Public Record all Along???

Here is clear, precise, and unquestionable evidence that Ivan from the Herald Journal is nothing more than a puppet for Winsted Chief of Police Justin "the home invader" Heldt, McLeod County "Clown Posse" Sheriff Rehmann, McLeod County attorney Mike "as crooked as they come" Junge, and the city of Winsted's administrator, Clay Wilfardt.  

When local corruption is brought to the Herald Journal's attention, the Herald Journal failed to even interview parties for both sides of the story. They didn't even bother to look up public record. Instead, they totally neglected the public's right to be told what is going on in their community. Last time I checked, the public is what pays the Herald Journal! I guess the political whore bucks Ivan gets on the side from the corrupt little town of Winsted and Lawless McLeod County are worth more to him than doing honest, full storied reporting or even his own conscious. Says a lot about a guy.
Thing is, he can't say that he didn't have both sides of the story, because the Herald Journal has continually been on my blog where the information has been there all along, hasn't it?? It sure has...

Which means Ivan at the Herald Journal is nothing more than a puppet whore for whoever pays the highest buck and everyone else be damned. Forget about actual reporting and everyone else's hard earned dollar...  Looks like he might have a career in politics....

That is why you cannot trust any arrest, prosecution, or conviction in Lawless McLeod County nor can you trust the Herald Journal to keep you informed of any truth what-so-ever. They are as crooked as their so-called law enforcement officers.

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