Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Proof That the Chief of Police was on Duty at the Time he was Tased by the Another Officer and Junge who Thinks and Acts Like he is Above the Law is Rigging the Court Case

It is a felony to use a taser (assualt) a police officer!!
 (even if you are a so-called law enforcement officer)

But "special laws" for "special people"... Lawless County Attorney Mike Junge thinks that one of his "special" people should only be charged with a 5th degree misdemeanor assault after one of his so-called "special" people dry tased a uniformed officer in the neck??? 

What do you think you or I would be charged with if we pulled something like that???
Well, I would be willing to bet the charge would include the word felony...

Must be nice to be so "special"...

Just another reason you can't trust any arrest, prosecution or conviction in McLeod County!!!

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