Monday, April 6, 2015

Sheriff Rehmann And Chief Heldt Make Wild & Outrageous Claims They Never Were Notified Of Swantek's & Schafer's Data Requests When Requests Were A Matter Of The Public Record?

Well, what's this now?? 
Says in this court document that so called law enfarcement was asked for free electronic information quite along time ago and quite a few times... Looks to me that they have been knowingly and illegally withholding it from me since back in July of 2014.....

 Do we still believe Sheriff Rehmann's claim that they have "never received the request"???  Is anyone starting to see what professional liars they are??? That they will do what ever they have to do to make someone guilty, plant evidence, and then illegally withhold evidence to cover up their criminal activity?? 

Why don't you take a little look-see at this court document and pay attention to the dates and all the times free electronic public data was criminally and illegally withheld (withholding evidence) from me in my case.....  Here is the proof, and sheriff Rehmann says on record that they, law enfarcement, at Lawless McLeod county "never received the request???" 

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